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Founded in 1984 in response to a homeless crisis in the City of Phoenix, CASS is Arizona’s largest and longest serving emergency shelter program serving people experiencing homelessness.

CASS currently operates two shelters—one for adults, one for families. Unlike most other shelter programs, CASS offers low barrier shelter, meaning there are few pre-conditions to entry. Clients do not need to be clean and sober, have an income, or accept services as a condition to enter.

The adult shelter has recently expanded to 600 beds; the family shelter can shelter 120-150 individuals nightly.

In FY23, CASS served 6,902 individuals and provided over 250,000 bed nights. CASS serves more persons experiencing chronic homelessness than any other Arizona provider, offering specialized services to these clients. CASS also leads the community in specialized programs for the growing number of senior citizens experiencing homelessness. During COVID-19, we operated a pandemic hotel shelter for seniors and medically vulnerable persons called Project Haven. CASS has additional expertise in working with veterans, youth, families, and people with disabilities.

CASS also operates The Norton and Ramsey Social Justice Empowerment Center (NREC), serving about 500 Glendale residents monthly with housing, job support, healthcare and more. NREC is not a shelter, but assists people to obtain emergency shelter and/or housing while strengthening the service delivery net for people in the West Valley.

In late 2024 CASS will be opening an additional shelter – The Senior Haven – a 170 bed emergency shelter for seniors over the age of 55 in North Phoenix.

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