Success Story — Mike

Mike finds permanent housing with support from CASS’ Downtown Shelter

Mike is a 63-year-old African American senior citizen who has worked with a number of different case managers during his time at CASS.  Most recently assigned to one of CASS’ longtime intensive case managers, Mike was ably guided toward reconnection with supportive services. Mike’s case manager assisted him with scheduling medical appointments and submitting applications to several senior living facilities.

Unfortunately, Mike’s applications for housing were all denied due to his extensive criminal background. Undeterred, Mike and his case manager put through applications for residency at shared living space properties, but, again, each of Mike’s applications met with a denial.  At this point, Mike was beginning to give up hope. Then, the opportunity arose for Mike to be referred for an Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV). Mike’s application underwent meticulous review by HUD and other supportive agencies before he was granted an EHV. With the EHV to aid him in his pursuit of housing, Mike was finally able to locate an apartment complex willing to accept him as a tenant.

Mike signed the lease for his new apartment at the end of July. Keys to his unit in hand, Mike expressed gratitude to his case manager for her assistance and proclaimed his eagerness to move in (“I cannot wait.”) and determination not to squander this opportunity to live independently (“I will not mess this up.”). Mike also thanked CASS for providing shelter and for the compassionate understanding with which staff treated his experience of homelessness and barriers to housing.

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