Success Story — Max

Max finds housing through CASS’ Rapid Re-Housing Program


Max is a 61-year-old disabled single adult who lives with significant hearing impairment. During his stay at CASS, Max was referred to the CASS Rapid Re-Housing program.

With no case managers on the Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) team proficient in ASL (American Sign Language), Max and his assigned RRH case manager initially struggled to communicate. To overcome this hindrance, Max and his case manager employed makeshift means of communication via writing, ranging from typing messages into Microsoft Word to marking out their discussions on a whiteboard. Max and his case manager could spend an hour in each case meeting session discoursing by way of text.

In the course of their textual dialogue, Max shared with his case manager that his preferred means of communication is to utilize an interpreter via video chat, which requires internet access. Max’s phone and tablet were only capable of picking up a weak internet connection at CASS, rendering such video calls technically infeasible to conduct seamlessly.

Given his experience with this impediment in shelter, Max expressed concern that he could completely lose the ability to communicate effectively with the outside world once housed alone in an apartment, unless he had a reliable internet connection.  With the assistance of his Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) case manager, Max was able to sign a lease for and move into an apartment on the first of July. For nearly a month, Max had to make do without internet service. But on July 25th, Max and his case manager finally managed to have internet services connected to his apartment through Centurylink.

Max was offered high-speed internet at a discounted rate due to his disability status. Fast and stable internet connection in place, Max could now be assured that he would be able to communicate with others in the manner that he finds most comfortable and affirming.

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