From Chaos to Possibility


From Chaos to Possibility

A message from CASS CEO Lisa Glow

We have always lived in a grey world, one fraught with uncertainty and surprise. We are living in an even greyer world right now.  We know that many people will catch the virus; but we don’t know exactly how many, or how severely they will be impacted.  We know that researchers will find solutions and an eventual vaccination; but we don’t know when.

From this grey and uncertain world, creativity and innovation are emerging.  Amidst the chaos, we are discovering how much farther we can go together.  CASS is grateful to be part of this movement of coming together among the homeless provider community, as well as local and state government.

One possibility emerging from the chaos:
New housing solutions for homeless senior citizens on fixed incomes.

Most senior citizens we serve have never been homeless before.  They are homeless because they are on fixed incomes and cannot afford rents in Maricopa County, which has the fastest rising rents in the nation and a severe shortage of affordable housing.

We are grateful to the City of Phoenix, Mercy Care and United Health Care for helping us during this crisis to find new ways to get people off the streets now, into both transitional and permanent housing.

Yet, we still have a very, very long way to go and we need more housing partners!

What if private developers and apartment owners would consider voluntarily setting aside units and lowering rents for the many elderly citizens who have become homeless because they are on fixed incomes?  We need to hear from you if you are a developer or apartment owner who wants to help.

And if you want to donate to help a senior experiencing homelessness, please consider a gift of your Arizona Tax Credit today.

Be well and go kindly.

Lisa Glow, JD

As a reminder,  CASS is an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Organization, a dollar-for-dollar tax credit up to $400 for individuals and $800 for couples filing jointly.

Donations by mail can be sent to —

ATTENTION: Donor Relations,
PO Box 18250
Phoenix, AZ 85005.

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