Monday December 21, 2020

Commemorating the lives of the homeless members of our community who died
this past year

We are so grateful…

…to have your compassion for this special day to recognize and honor our neighbors who passed away in 2020 while experiencing homelessness on the streets of Maricopa County.  

The pandemic continues to interfere with our ability to gather together but we knew how important it was for this day to still be recognized so please read through the page below, and join us in honoring our fellow neighbors.

Since 1990, National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day has been held around the country to bring attention to the plight of the nation’s vast and diverse homeless population, and to encourage the public to act on their behalf.

Studies have confirmed a relationship between a lack of housing and increased mortality rates. Homeless persons are 3-4 times more likely to die than the general population. On average, people with housing in the U.S. can expect to live to age 78, while our long-term homeless neighbors can expect to only live to about the age of 50. When they become sick or injured and they die on the street, their families often don’t know.

Our community has a responsibility to recognize the value and dignity of every one of our neighbors, whether housed or unhoused.  Without this event, those who died on our streets would otherwise have received little or no recognition. This is especially poignant as we are seeing increasing numbers of senior citizens in our shelters. 

We must focus on collective action to prevent unnecessary deaths among our homeless neighbors while also recognizing that every one of our neighbors deserves an opportunity to be honored and remembered.  We thank you for your interest and compassion.

Please read through the following poems and videos below and engage in a moment of silence on your own to recognize the more than 500 names of those who have died on our streets this last year. 

Alone —

by Maya Angelou

Lying, thinking
Last night
How to find my soul a home
Where water is not thirsty
And bread loaf is not stone
I came up with one thing
And I don’t believe I’m wrong
That nobody,
But nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out here alone.

There are some millionaires
With money they can’t use
Their wives run round like banshees
Their children sing the blues
They’ve got expensive doctors
To cure their hearts of stone.
But nobody
No, nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Now if you listen closely
I’ll tell you what I know
Storm clouds are gathering
The wind is gonna blow
The race of man is suffering
And I can hear the moan,
‘Cause nobody,
But nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Love Wings | performed by Walt Richardson

Dead Homeless Man Poem —

by Dimitri Jagodinski

I looked at the face of a society death
When I found the homeless man dead with nothing left
My heart burst for sad it seemed
To find a man who died alone in his dream
Lying on the hard brittle frozen ground
Frost covered him all around
I reached down with hopes that I was wrong
To feel for a pulse beating strong
A tear fell down my face
For now I feel the disgrace
His skin was cold blue stiff and lifeless
Learning that life wasn’t so priceless
Is society to blame? I do not know
Was his life to him a shame? I do not know
I wondered did anyone remember him at all?
Why wasn’t there someone to catch his fall?
We forget about people everyday
Is this the price some of us will pay?
I pondered alone for quite some time
and wondered if this fate would be mine

Another Homeless Person Died —

by Judy Jones

another homeless person jus died
another homeless person jus died
and not one person cried
not one person cried

someones dyin
in the gutter somewhere
dyin the gutter somewhere
with nothin
but their soul laid bare
nothin but their soul laid bare

homeless child
eatin from a garbage can
eatin from a garbage can
and not one person sees
not one person sees

old woman fell on the street
cause she’d nothing to eat
nothin to eat
old woman fell on the street

tonight i looked in the mirror
and cried
for i saw my own soul had died
my own soul had died


Cars | performed by Walt Richardson

Thank you Walt Richardson. Thank you to Charlie Levy and The Van Buren. Thank you to our planned emcee and speakers – Jannah Scott, MiAsia Pasha, Alexandra Pasnik, Lisa Glow, & Jeff Stapleton.  And thank you to all of you for bringing your compassion and your humanity to our homeless neighbors who might otherwise have gone unnoticed and forgotten. 


Traci Abeyta
Joshua Cody Adams
Tammy Dee Adkins
Robert Aguayo
Mayling Alcantar
Mohammad Auemaddox Alhassasnah
Linda Maureen Allan
David Joseph Allen
Robert Royle Allison
Felix Alvarez
Raymond Alvarez
Tristan Roderick Anagal
Dylan Greggory Anderson
Riley McKim Anderson
Kelly D Anderson
Tony B. Angeluccie
Yonnas Abebe Araya
Michael Kristen Arias
Joshua David Arnold
Cindy Lea Arquette
Jacob Myles Arroyo Stone
Carrie Marie Ator
Derrick Attakai
Trevor Dean Auth
Oscar Manuel AvilezMancinas
Steven Bahe
Arnold Ray Bain
Ronald Martin Baker
Stephen Nicho Baldenegro
Fred Banks
Henry Barksdale
Dion Quigley Barnard
Jeremy Robert Barrett
Theresa Marie Barslou
Daniel Batton
Matthew Thomas Becerra
David Andrew Beckett
Sonia Bejarano
Bryan Ray Bell
Mike Duram Bell
Michael Beltran
Bertasha Ann Benally
Paul Gerard Bender
Dean J. Benigno
Ronnie Guy Bernal
William Keith Besner
Sandra Lee Bettis
Gregory Floyd Biondillo
Riley Robert Bishop
Shannon Marie Blair
Drazen Boljevic
Michael Lee Bomberry
David Charles Bondurant
Paul Bowen
John Bowline
Paul Brandenberg
Paul Brassfield
David Bretzing
Gilbert Leon Brookens
Jason Jennings Bryan
Steven Buckmaster
Christopher Lee Burgess
Jayson Wesley Burley
Jeremy Byron Burton
Agustin Bustamante
Thomas N Buttafuoco
Raymus Caddo
Scott Christopher Caldwell
Javier Franky Caloca
Robert Lawrence Campbell
Manuel Joe Cardoza
Antonio Carrasco
Matthew Carrillo
Miguel Carrillo
Ore Leander Carroll
Steven John Carsello
Matthew Emmanuel Carson
Isaiah Michael Carter
Michael Cassel
Jonathan Logan Castleberry
Raul Castro
Raymond Guerrero Catano
Ira Wayne Caughron
Jonathan Cavanagh
Richard Hugh Cepeda
Jose Cervantes
Sylvia Cervantes
Brian Michael Chaffee
Josepine Martinez Chavarria
Michelle Ann Childs
Jordan Matthew Cly
Thurman Ellis Collins
Blake Justin Cook
Cathy Marie Cooper
David Clint Cooper
Jeremiah Coughlin
Gloria Courtney
Kenneth Crenshaw
Robert Darrin Crum
Eddie Earl Currie
Richard C. Davis
Ann Marie Davis
Steven Russell Davis
Richard Joseph De La Torre
Rodney Kipling Degeyter
Dany Alexander Delacruz
Matthew Allen Delma
Christina Delmaro
Jeremy Marcus Denton
Rick Henry Diaz
Antonio Diaz
Joshua Cole Dimmick
Ryan James Dingess
JD Canal Dixon
Paul Dodson
Scott Andrew Dragoo
Jeffrey Allen Dunn
Andrew Lee Walter Dupree
Christopher Earling
Brian Earl Eason
Troy Allen Eayrs
Gino Anthony Emillio
Phillip John Estrem
David Estudillo Sanchez
Michael Everidge
Baby Girl Eylicio
David Wayne Farris
Matthew Wayne Farris
Robert Leo Fayette
Peter Michael Feldkamp
Gary Tilton Fenton
Jonathan Thomas Ficht
Amber Sunshine Fisher
James Lee Fletcher
Daniel Paul Flores
Gilbert Ramon Flores
Ricardo Minnix Fonseca
Michael Fortner
Irwin Lee Foster
Veejay Parnell Foster
Dionysius Fox
Dilworth Young Franklin
Chauncey Henry Frazier
Arben Frazier
Sandra J Frazier
Ryan Patrick French
Andre Michael Frison
Caiden Ray Fulton
Rosemary Gabaldon
Umaru Gabon
Arthur Figueroa Galindo
Arturo Garcia
Dennis Leo Gauthier
Ricardo Martin Gayton
Lana Gearing
Joseph Eugene Genovesi
Miguel Geraldo
Alexis Rene Gibbons
Jack Paul Gilfillan
Bruce Oscar Godfrey
Jose L Gomez
Michael Gonzalez
David Thomas Goold
Kyle Graham
Luis Chavez Granado
Anthony Christopher Gratzke
Richard Gray
Robert Alan Greenarch
Jacques D’Jon Greenidge
Sharod Jamar Greer
Robert Alan Gregg

Anthony Constante Gregoris
Michael Wesley Griffin
Stephen Gritz
Michael Anthony Groth
Angela Gschwend
Andres Guerra
Joshua Michael Guidicy
Lucio Gurulee
Oscar Jesse Gutierrez
Michael Adam Hamilton
Clyde C Hand
Darimiah Pershing Hand
Marty Lee Hansford
Matthew Bryan Harrington
Robert M Harrison
Kristin L Hart
Thomas James Hawkins
Joshua Michael Hay
Bobby Ridell Henry
Troy Hernandez
Arnulfo Hernandez
Tyler James Herrington
David Peter Hess
Harley Wayne Heupel
April Elaine Higuera
Maximino Hilerio
Barrie Dianne Hillerstrom
Leslie Paul Holbrook
Mason Douglas Holland
Christopher Alexander Holliday
Gary Lee Holt
Rachelle Rae Hopper
Scott Wayne Housley
Joshua Mckenzie Hughes
Philip Wayne Husko
Rashelle Lynn Ivey
Ashley Meagan Jackson
Robertson James
Manuel James
Chrest Jensen
John Thomas Jimenez
Ronald Edward Johnson
James E. Johnson
Tyrone Johnson
Terry Lee Johnson
Robert Charles Johnson
Marc Anthony Johnson
Gregory L Johnson
Dane Johnston
Jason Luis Jurado
Phillip Vincent Kaleta
Bryan John Kanak
Ryan Shane Kelly
David Anthony Kemery
Joseph Edward Kendall
Robert Kenmore
Sheila Kennett-Hill
Zackary James Kerr
Von W. Kidd
Jamison Todd Kilburn
Stephen Bailey Killebrew
Anthony King
Shawn King
Scott Michael Kinyon
Tyson Lee Klaproth
Michael Peter Knudsen
Kevin Edward Knuth
Richard Arthur Krisan
Jeffrey Kuczynski
John Leonard Lagerstedt
Thomas E. Lamb
Erick Eugene Lancaster
Carl Edward Landis
Thomas R Lauder
Robert Eugene Law
Henrietta Lee
Stephen Leger
Dimitri Dale Lehman
Jason Leonard
Robert Charles Lesner
Steven Frank Lethwaite
Bobby Lee Lewis
Joshua Emmanuel Lewis
Melchizedek Eno Little
Danielle Marie Llewellyn
Charles K Lloyd
Rodney Richard Lock
Wayne Floyd Lockabey
Marc Anthony Lockhart
Brandon James Loftice
Barry Logan
Michael Wayne Love
Michael Keith Lowe
Cody Robert Luczak
Rozenna Ann Luna
Neta Darlene Lupton
Bryan E. MacDonald
Ronald K. Mackenzie
James Robert Macksoud
Carluis Dendro Maethis
Lindy Jo Majewski
Kenneth Wayne Mallard
Pedro Maloyon
James Cecil Mapp
Spencer Darnell Marshall
Kurtis David Martin
Pedro Martinez
Juan Alberto Martinez Gamino
Santos Mascote
David A. Massett
Ray Martin Mathews
Sarah Dawn McAtlin
Derrick Doyle McDonald
Gerald Keith McDowell
Marshall Mcmahan
Kimberley Rae Mcmahon
Lana Renee Meadville
Pedro Melendez
Jason Melton
Branden Angelo Mendez
Kenneth Ray Merrill
Shane Thomas Miller
Robert Lee Mills
Andrew Charles Mino
Jesse William Mitchell
Daniel Thomas Mitchell
Albert Lewis Mitchell
William Earl Mitchell
Frank Molina
Daniel Angel Monarrez
Melvin James Monst
Mark Anthony Montopoli
Christopher Dwayne Moon
Maurice Moore
Robin Allison Moran
David Anthony Moreno
Christien Buen Moret
Christopher Morfin
Robert Morris
Nathaniel Paul Moya
Louise Muttle Ruiz
Sugar Ray Napoleon
Marvin Navakuku
Guy Edwin Neault
Seqoiyah Charis Nehoitewa
Gary Nelson
Luis Pierre Newman
Valentin Nistor
William John Noland
Adam Noriega
Wayne Clair Norris Jr.
Jaqueline Ntukamazina
Brandon Lee O’Connell
Mark Patrick Ocana
Joseph Ramirez Ojeda
Michael Robert Bruce Orley
Rosario Irma Ortiz
Wenceslado Ramirez Osornio
Johnathon Ray Owen
Ronald Ira Pack
Malcolm Louis Pahe
Jeffrey P Parnell
Thomas Joe Parnell
Carmela Patricio Cruz
Carissa Jean Pearson
Jeanette Gay Perea
Jose Perez Cervantes
Jeremy Dean Peter
Charles Pollakowski

Karen Elizabeth Popp
Billie Edward Porter
Fernando Alfonso Portillo
Larry Michael Pratt
Geronimo Quiroz Merina
Robert Russell Rada
Jaime Ramirez
Abel Angel Ramos
Dontea Rashid
Daniel Nathan Reagan
Christopher Elmer Reed
Reynaldo Manuel Reyes
Harry Nicholas Reynolds
Ricky Dwayne Ribble
Lee Douglas Rice
Randy Glenn Richardson
Edward Scott Richey
Randy Elston Roberts
Steven Ray Robinson
Mark S. Robinson
Lachel Monique Rocha
Leticia R. Rodarte
Julio Rodriguez Rodriguez
Manuel De Jesus Rodriguez
David Aguirre Rodriguez
WIlliam Henry Rogers
Adam Rose
Freddie Dewayne Rosenfeld
Alexander Adam Ross
Charles William Routson
Penny Rubino
Michael William Ruehl
Michael Cero Russo
Holly Eylse Russo
Thomas Michael Ryan
Marc Anthony Sagnella
Sandra Ann Salas
Alyssa Lynne Salinas
Herman Sam
Daniel Raymond Samples
Maria Rose Sanchez
Rosemberg Sanchez Esteban
Kermit R. Sanders
Christopher Juan Sanfie
Jose M. Santacruz Munoz
Richard Joseph Burl Satterlee
Tony Saucedo
Robert Louis Sayre
Troy Lamar Scarpinito
Matthew Benjamin Schaefer
Jillian Lea Schroeder
Calvin Ray Scott
Joseph Justice Scott
Bertha Scroggins
John Searle
Christopher John Sears
Charlotte Amelia Sease
David Dexter Sechler
David Joseph Segerstrom
Johnny Anthony Segura
Isaac Elias Serna
Dal Bruce Serrano
Mark Jonathan Shabala
Kenneth D. Shaffer
Jerome Randolph Sharpe
Donald James Shedd
Freedom Lynell Shephard
Danny William Sherrill
Richard George Shickell
Kenneth Glenn Shoebridge
Pailoni Sili
Angelica Silva Ortiz
William Conrad Skiles
Michael Jermain Slade
Paul Slown
Kevin Alan Smallman
Robert Paul Smith
Thomas Ray Smith
Kirk Smith
Pamela Smith
Summer Smith
Antione Smith
Rickie D Sorensen
Megan Marie Soto
John A. Spence
Trever Lomon Stallings
Sandie Marie Stamper
Mark Allan Stankey
Carl Ross Steele
John Steinmetz
Joseph Clifton Stevens
Misty Dawn Stevenson
Mychal Jason Stewart
Brian A Stirratt
Steven Michael Stott
Michael Wade Strahan
Tyler Floyd Sweat
Sinefu Sali Talo
Jason Taylor
Rebecca Dianne Taylor
Lacey Nathan Terpening
Scott Alan Thornton
Jason Michael Tichenor
James Eddy Todd
Freddy Atumisi Tombo
Dustin Anthony Torbenson
Andrew Totman
Edgar Tracy
Luc Alan Amed Treadwell
Brooklyn Spring Trejo
Jose Victor Trujillo
Tony Tsosie
Carter Tucker
David Brian Tucker
Jacob Emmanuel Urquidez
Mia Jean Valencia
Brenda Alice Valenzuela
Yvonne k Valisto
Gregory James Vandenburg
William VanZant
Kimberly Marie Vasich
Jesus Manuel Vasquez
Re’Son Raizilant-Allen Vautnier
Bryan Xavier Vela
Luis Miguel Velasquez Pu
Victor Lionel Vigil
Luis Antonio Villalon
Melanie Voita
Stanley Armin Vollertsen
Michelle Marie Vondenbosch
Merrill Frost Waite
Robert Allen Walker
John Christopher Walker
Earl Edward Walker
Thomas Nicholes Walter
Robert W. Walters
Devon Garth Walters
Gregory Allen Ward
Tyler Warner
Joseph Edward Wasylk
Charles Edward Watkins
James Earl Watkins
Kevin Darrell Watkins
Mario Watson
David Allen Wayne
Karl Lee Weber
Virgil Welch
Ronald V Wells
William Henry Wells
Sean Thomas West
Clinton James Whitbeck
Johnny Allen White
Shawn Whitney
Ginger Faye Wilhite
Rhonda Williams
Rudolph Williams
Donald Samson Williams
Jerome Williams
Dennis Williams
Erick Marcus Willis
Dasmen Kevin Willis
Cory Reed Wilson
Willie Lee Wilson
Ronnie Lee Woodard
Ron Woods
Malven Wyatt
Harry Joe Yazzie
Jose Luis Zepahua Mendoza
Camilo Zepeda
Victor Marc Zonver

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